1. Establishment;  The Potters Bar Community News was originally established by a cooperation between The Potters Bar Council for Voluntary Service and The Potters Bar in Focus Community and Communications Group. However, since inception the Newspaper has been, and intends to remain, independent and not aligned with any particular groups or interests.
  2. Management Committee; The Officers of the Management Committee will consist of the following: Chairman, Editor, Treasurer, Advert Coordinator, Distribution Coordinator(s), What’s On Coordinator(s), Minute Secretary and such other members as required. . Each member will have equal status at meetings and decisions will be by majority vote with the Chairman having a casting vote where appropriate.
  3. The role of the Management Committee will be to guide the direction of the Newsletter, deal with contentious issues and be responsible for the overall financial position. In practice, contentious issues will normally referred initially to the Chairman who will act as spokesman, taking into account the collective view of the Committee.
  4. Management Committee Personnel:  Members of the management committee will serve for such period as is appropriate. Appointment of new members or involuntary retirement of existing members will be via majority vote at a committee Meeting.
  5. Frequency:  The Community News will be produced three or four times each year as is considered suitable.
  6. Distribution; The Community News will be distributed via a variety of means including volunteer street distributors, groups, public outlets and commercial premises as appropriate. A pdf version will also be available on the Potters Bar website.
  7. Cost; The Community News will be delivered free of charge.
  8. Accounts: The accounts will be maintained by the Treasurer and presented to each Committee Meeting. They will be available for public inspection on receipt of legitimate request.
  9. Contents; News and information included will be of a general nature aimed at the entire population of the distribution area, although other information can be published which may be of interest to a wider audience. Contributors and advertisers will be responsible for the accuracy and views expressed in their insertions and a suitable disclaimer should be included in each issue. Articles of a political or commercial nature will not normally be included and care should be taken in connection with publicity given to contentious issues. Obituaries will not be included.
  10. Production and Editorial. A Production team will be formed by nomination from the Management Committee. The practical issues of publication will be dealt with by the Production team in relation to adverts, layout and editorial control.
  11. Advertising: Advertising will be subject to a maximum percentage of space to be decided from time to time by the Management Committee to ensure that the Community News maintains its principle objective of conveying community news and information.


    Privacy Policy

  1. Who is responsible for managing my information?
    Potters Bar Community News is responsible for the collection and proper management of any personal information that is provided by advertisers or contributors.
  2. What information is collected?
    Information held is likely to include your name and contact details.
  3. How do we use such information?
    Information provided will be used to provide contact details appropriate for the entry made for you in the Community News and by us to contact you regarding such entries.
  4. Who will you share that information with?
    No information will be passed to third parties, other than as generally intended by virtue of your instructions for publication.
  5. How long will the information be held?
    The information will only be stored whilst it is required for the relevant purposes and, where it is no longer required we will ensure it is disposed of in a secure manner.
  6. How can the information be accessed and updated?
    We want to ensure that any data held is accurate and up to date. Please contact the Community News if correction or removal of such information is required.
  7. How do we update this privacy notice?
    We keep our privacy notice under review and will update as required, placing a copy on the Community News website.
  8. Who can I contact if I have queries about this privacy notice?
    Please contact us if you have any questions about this notice or the data held by e mail to or by writing to The Chairman,
    Potters Bar Community News, 11 Oakroyd Avenue, Potters Bar, Herts, EN6 2EH.


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