Selection of Current Programmes.

Every presenter is local to the area and showcase the range of programmes.

1.Simon’s Record Show. Presented by Simon Doughty

PBR1 5 to 6 pm Sunday, repeated 5 to 6pm Wednesday

Genre: 60s and 70s rock.

Music lovers tend to embrace the sounds that they grew up with and I feel very fortunate to have been born into a golden era of music. Each week I take a journey through the music of the giants and the more obscure branches of rock music.

Often, I play selections or entire shows from vinyl source alongside the latest digital remasters and remixes, alive through current technology. .Above all I want to share my lifetime love and passion for exciting and interesting music with you.

2. Vintage Memories Presented by Richard Curry 

No one ever forgets the first time they heard the sweet sound of Louie Armstrong or the melodic tones of Billie Holiday. Some of the best musicians ever born had their heyday in the vintage eras of the Roaring 20’s, the Dirty 30’s and the Wartime Big Band sounds of the 1940s – which also became a ‘golden age’ for Hollywood. Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller and Judy Garland (to name but a few) were all at the top of their game – not to mention the charts!  

What I love about the music that we play on ‘Vintage Melodies’ is that the vast array of musical numbers are generally upbeat and often incredibly relaxing. Humour also plays an important part in many of the wartime sounds – which helped to keep the morale of the people up. Most importantly, however, is that although many of the songs from this golden age  are not so well known today, that doesn’t mean they don’t soothe your soul after a stressful day either at work or at home with the children. 

The Saturday Late Breakfast Show 9-11am thrives on audience participation and this is reflected in the varied music mix.

The listener to send in requests or “shout outs” plus other information or events that may be of interest to the audience

Having done hospital radio for over 4-decades I’m used to introducing and enjoying all kinds of music and the listener interaction gives the show energy. I also include sport, some of the more lightweight national and internationals news, and some humour.

It’s a lively couple of hours, and hopefully gets the listeners’ weekend off to a good start.

3. Charlie & his I-Pod   Presented by Charlie Paulinski

The idea of my show is present a wide range of songs which fall under the category of “damn fine tunes”. My criteria is that if you heard this song for the first time then you would make a point of finding out what it is. Plus I also love the requests that come in from our listeners, so in the course of two hours you will hear The Clash, Alexis Korner, Christine & The Queens, Dr Alimontado, Al Wilson and DMX to mention a few.

Just to add to the fun I slip in film and TV quotes, so you’ll also hear from Peter Sellers, Dirty Harry, Grouch Marx and Humphrey Bogart.

4. Bacon’s Bits. Presented by Rob Bacon

There’s a reason Rob Bacon hates the question “What’s your favourite song?” – it changes so often.

His show Bacon’s bits (Saturdays between 17:30 and 18:30) reflects this, playing a mix of styles ranging from radio friendly songs to heavy metal, highlighting just some of the music that he has listened to that week. Fancy something special this week? Let hm know and he’ll make it work, whether it be Miley Cyrus, Led Zeppelin, Rick James, Queen or Slayer.

Join him for some old favourites, some new tracks, and the occasional bad joke! After all, everyone loves Bacon (vegan friendly)

5. Sounds from the Community. Presented by Mary Holt 

The varied and entertaining 2 hour music show is selected by the group interspersed with a brief Q&A explaining the local community group: history, purpose, when and where it meets, how it is operating in covid19 times. The purpose of the show is to reconnect the group, if it is not meeting, and to inspire the wider Community for local activities and interests post covid19 sanctions. 

Shows to Sept 2020 include: local Bridge and Slimming World groups, the Toibreacha Irish Dancing Academy, Little Heath Scouts, Potters Rambling Club, North Mymms Bowls Club, Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust plus a show based on a local popstar with a No.1 hit in the USA. 

I am always looking for groups. If you would like your group to take part please contact me.

6. Early Evening Show (18:00 – 20:00 daily) Presented by Chris Cook

The show is built around four main elements – music, news, sport, and “On This Day”.

The music is varied but suitable for an early evening audience. There will be a mix from across the decades with slightly more emphasis on 70s and 80s but Little Mix, Taylor Swift and others will pop up.I enjoy doing a multi-faceted programme being able to discuss various topics. Naturally, I like to include local news and events.

7. Ravings. Presented by Katie Scarlett with her friend, Emily, and sometimes with Charlotte.

‘Ravings’ is the perfect escapism – two friends chat utter whimsical nonsense such as the definitive ranking of the worst sandwich fillings, name that national anthem and the occasional shopping forecast. With some good tunes thrown in.

8. Meditations. Presented by Roshni Sampath

Thursday night is meditation night on PB2.  The meditations are composed to calm the mind, the heart, and relax the body.

In these unprecedented times our community is facing a plethora of mental and emotional challenges unlike any faced in our lifetime.  Meditation is a tool that can be used by all. It speaks to the individual in the most unique and personal manner as our interpretations are as individual as we are.

All meditations begin with basic breathing exercises drawn from the Yogic practice of Pranayama that induces deep relaxation. Studies have shown that all of the   systems of the body are affected by this practice offering numerous health benefits including but not exclusively – stress reduction, combating depression, increasing immunity, improved sleep, increased respiratory function.

After a few minutes of deep breathing the mind and body begins to relax.

A guided meditation then follows. Always beginning with   systematic relaxation of the physical body, we sometimes explore further moving on to the subtle body and matters of the mind and/or the heart. We explore our connection to the cosmos.  Often focusing on aspects of nature and our intrinsic link to both nature and each other. 

Our mental and emotional well – being are explored as we take journeys into ourselves, perhaps looking for answers or perhaps   studying our complex psyche, using positive affirmations to resolve and dispel our fears and insecurities. Often these meditations serve to   highlight the fact that we are all essentially the same with the same challenges, promoting mutual respect.

The meditations delve into the possibilities of spirituality with the intention of raising not only our individual vibrational energies but those of all of us.  With open interpretations, it is hoped that they speak to all members in our community, regardless of age, race or religious conviction.

9. Jingles supplied by Phil Deadman

I devise and record the jingles for Potters Bar Radio. It’s challenging because the broadcasting schedule involves different people with varied presenting styles and diverse musical tastes, and somehow the “station” needs to delicately blend all of that into its own identity. Jingles are one of the most effective ways to achieve that by the consistent thread they weave through the programmes: they’ve been described as “the glue that holds it all together”.

However, they are more than just a recurring reminder of the station and current show: I firmly believe the presentation quality and production values of the jingles speak to the quality and values of the station and its broadcasters, so a lot of effort goes into creating them. Some work best with a musical background (I have spent entire evenings searching for the right music for a jingle and editing it down into a 10-20 second piece that sounds complete), some need no music but special audio treatment like reverb or echo, some require sound effects too –  it’s a creative process of experimentation that I find incredibly rewarding.

I also love bringing a gentle humour to some of these short works. Potters Bar Radio was born out of a desire to care for the mental health of the community as we went into lockdown, and although scary, I believe if you can laugh at the situation without trivialising it then it loses some of its scariness – it becomes more bearable. That was the motivation behind the “public service announcement” that borrowed lyrics from Summer Loving: (“If you’ve got chills, if they’re multiplying, if you’re losing control, then at this worrying time you ought to consider self-isolating and listening to Potters Bar Radio…”), a series of Lockdown Travel News bulletins, and most recently an alternate version of Joe Dolce’s 1981 hit “Shut Up-a Your Face” (my version: “Cover Up-a Your Face”). I hope they bring a brief smile to someone’s day and perhaps the encouragement to keep on keeping on.


Simon Doughty
Charlie Paulinski
Rob Bacon
Mary Holt
Phil Deadman